Welcome! We are excited to launch the Cyclec website. With our DynaHub Charger (DHC) just out of pilot, and happy customers giving us good feedback, the time is right!

Cyclec is headed up by Graham Bate, an electronics specialist who also happens to be a member of the Cyclopaths, a legendary band of one-time roadies who swore off tarmac to bed in some dirt track – first alongside the Braamfontein spruit and around Johannesburg (chasing water towers), then nationally, making tracks where few have been with knobblies and a Camelbak before.

The love affair with the outdoors and cycling has been taken to extremes by some Cyclopaths. It’s led to the development of the Cyclec series of chargers, and the ideation of Cyclec – an enabler of all things cycling that are also electronic.

What does Cyclec do?

We provide lighting and charging solutions for cyclists. The setup may include a dynahub, lights and a charger. We spec the setup for individual cyclists based on their needs and preferences. We source, manufacture and supply components, and can assist you to put it all together.

Why Cyclec chargers?

It’s been two years since we prototyped our first charging device as a follow-on to a unit made by Elton, a founder Cyclopath who is always a step ahead. We added a few bits, and put the Cyclec DynaHub Charger (DHC) out in the field with some other equally crazed and adventure-driven cyclists, like Rory and Kevin.

Now, our latest dynahub charger, the DHC3, reliably does what most other chargers cannot or were not built to do.

The challenge we set ourselves: Adventurers don’t always travel at top speed. The terrain simply won’t allow it. Speed is also often not the priority – endurance is. And when you are reaching your limits, you need lights, you need to know where you are going, and you need a phone that works. Unfortunately, chargers don’t always work efficiently at slow speeds.

When your bicycle wheel is turning fast, dynahub energy output is high, with voltages reaching levels suitable for charging lights, phones and other devices. Slow and steady turns of the wheel don’t deliver energy outputs high enough for charging. By combining a number of innovative techniques, our DHC3 charger technology makes charging lights and other devices possible at slower speeds while still delivering top performance when you’re blasting along with the wind in your back – which we think is pretty cool!

So, if you’re looking to stay out there while others are ducking off home – come see what Cyclec can do for you!

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