Powering your ride – what do you need?

What is your definition of extreme adventuring?

• A three-day bike tour through the Karoo?
• A 90-hour endurance event?
• An unsupported 3,500km cross-country ride?

Whatever works for you, the equipment you choose can make the difference between a good and a brilliant experience.

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all? That’s cool, except when you run out of water or lose your way, or miscalculate the time it will take you to get “there”. That’s when the ability to light your way and power a phone or other device can be invaluable. A dynamo hub, light and charging solution can make you self-sufficient.

Whether you are day-tripping with a luxury overnight stay (i.e., somewhere with hot water and a power outlet) or doing an unsupported tented trip across tough terrain, Cyclec can help you put a solution together that will support you and keep the home handbrake off.

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