Freedom rider, endurance junkie

Kevin Davie is an adventurer-explorer, a journalist, academic, historian and author of Freedom Rider, an account of his 10,000km ride across South Africa. Among his many exploits, Kevin has cycled from Beit Bridge on the northern border of South Africa following the mountains to Cape Point in the south – a journey of 3,500km completed in a record time of 30 days.

His setup includes a Cyclec DynaHub Charger (DHC) which charges his MagicShine light (a rechargable battery light) and smartphone. We also integrated a switch to bring in a B&M Cyo T pure dynamo light. This gives him lighting directly from the dynamo hub when other equipment is not required. Kevin helped field-test our first DHC prototype in 2013. He now uses our latest unit, the DHC3.

His latest exploit? In 2015, Kevin took a little saunter along the service road that runs alongside the Sishen–Saldanha railway line, also known as the Ore Export Line – a 861 kilometer (535 mi) long heavy haul railway line in South Africa. He completed the ride unsupported in 8 days between 3 and 11 July. He used the latest iteration of our charger – the DHC3 – and he LOVED it!

“Thanks Graham, electrics worked a treat!”


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