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All things cycling … that are also electronic


Cyclec is enabler of all things cycling that are also electronic.

Years of making ruggedized electronic equipment and a passion for getting out there on a mountain bike came together in the creation Cyclec. Our goal: to merge present day technology with the physical outdoors – removing some of the limitations and risks that remote and extreme cycling present.

With a dynamo hub, light and a charger for electronic devices, a cyclist can be self-sufficient. It opens up a world of adventure.

What we do

We provide lighting and charging solutions for cyclists. The setup may include a dynahub, lights and a charger. We spec the setup for individual cyclists based on their needs and preferences. We source, manufacture and supply components, and can assist you to put it all together.

The Cyclec charger

The stand out item in our portfolio is our Cyclec DynaHub Charger (DHC). It reliably does what most other chargers cannot, or were not built to do.

By combining a number of innovative techniques, our DHC3 charger technology makes charging lights and other devices possible at slower speeds while still delivering top performance when you’re blasting along with the wind at your back. It’s a critical factor for the bike trekker when cycling through tough terrain or doing long distance endurance rides.

Go further

Technology can enhance the cycling experience, opening up remote vistas to those who want fewer limitations, more exhilaration!

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Putting it together

Looking for a dynamo hub, light and/or charger system? You’re in the right place.

Systems to power bicycle lights and electronic devices.

Bike Systems

fast and flexible

SP Dynamo Hubs and other dynahub brands

Dynamo Hubs

lots to work with

Bicycle lights. We use a selection.


build anything

Cyclec DHC2 bicycle charger - hub driven - USB and battery.


converting energy

Out there

On your terms



Done Awesome.

Challenge yourself, do the impossible, keep moving when the sun goes down, take the risks, but make them calculated – be practical, be safe! Call us – we can turn your night into day!

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