Looking for a dynamo hub, light and/or charger system for your bicycle? You’re in the right place.

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Bicycle systems for charging lights, electronic devices

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SP Dynamo Hubs and other dynahub brands


great SP Dynamo range

Bicycle lights. We use a selection.


fit for purpose

Cyclec DHC2 bicycle charger - hub driven - USB and battery.


put hub energy to work

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We cater for the cyclist that likes adventure – with light, tech and a charged phone.

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Extreme cyclist, adventurer, weekend warrior? Cyclec can power your ride … and upsize your experience.

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Cyclec has options to fit your bike, your adventure, your style and your budget. 

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If you like cycling, you are going to love what Cyclec can do for you. Challenge yourself, do the impossible, keep moving when the sun goes down, take the risks, but make them calculated – be practical, be safe!  Cyclec’s chargers and lighting solutions are robust – like you. Call us – we can turn your night into day!

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